Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Are Nine Mile Smile


It's finally here! Ones of you have been asking for it - and it's finally here!  The Official Nine Mile Smile blog. I feel it's best not to start out a new relationship with a lie, so I must tell you that no one has actually been asking for it, and that by saying "ones of you" is a big stretch.  However, my hope is, that maybe someday you WILL be asking, "When will you post a new blog?"

This blog has been talked about for years.  The things that happen on the road, the people we meet - it all should really be video taped, and made into a hilarious documentary of mishaps, but until we get "MC Hammer" type money, this will have to do.   All of the members of Nine Mile Smile will be contributing here, and hopefully among the seven of us, we can remember some of our favorite moments from the past 4 years. Of course, Rex and I have been together for 9 years, and we've got some real doozies from the early part of our time together.

If you're a potential client, or even more important, a bride-to-be, this isn't a tell-all blog.  What happens at your private event, stays at your private event.  These are things that happen along the way, with some crazy early-years bar stories mixed in.

Things that we absolutely have to tell you about.
1) The "Goodnight Lieutenant Dan" Story
2) The "Raccoon-eyed Guitar Player" Story.
3) The "Are These Mic's Omni Directional?" Story.
4) The "Frozen Cell Phone" Story.
5) The "What Do You Mean? We are booked here tonight!" Story.
6) The "Where's the Fender? Oh, it blew off when the Tire Exploded" Story.
7) The "She Just Punched That Girl!" Story
8) The "What Do You Mean, You Want to Come Up and Freestyle?" Story.
9) The "We Have to Play in Pajamas?" Story.
10) The "Night We Played For 2 People, and Got Stiffed On the Check" Story.

...and many, many, many more.  The hope is you'll laugh along with us, because as we've found out, even the worst weekends together at the time, turn out to be some of the funniest in the end.

-- Kurtis

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