Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Home Chicago?!

This weekend we had the absolute pleasure of performing for Chris and Whitney's special day.  Whitney has without question been our most organized, and on top of it bride.  She booked us dang near two years before her wedding!  Plus, she gave us the songs she wanted us to learn so far in advance, by the time we played them at her wedding, we had already been performing them in our regular set all Summer.  That's quite a change for us.  Normally we are cramming them in during the week before a wedding!   One of those songs was "Sweet Home Chicago".  The Pope killed it.  In fact, he killed it so hard we were asked to play an encore of the song by the Father of the Bride.  THEN, he asked for it again.  It was the first time we've ever played one song - three times in the same night.

It was also, sadly, our last time performing at the Goei Center in Grand Rapids.  Because they are nestled into a quiet neighborhood, they will no longer allow bands to perform there.  Basically, the neighborhood doesnt want too much "awesome" happening there.   They still allow DJ's, but obviously they are really lame.

Besides that though, the entire night was excellent and we cant thank Chris and Whitney enough for having us play.  We have been really lucky all year to have such great couples.   We are continuing to schedule dates for our 2014 Weddings.  If you know anyone - dont hesitate to shoot them our way!


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